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Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Table at Your Wedding!

April 25, 2024

Planning the table setting for your wedding can be an exciting task, but it can also be challenging. There are several factors to consider, and it’s essential to make informed decisions to achieve your desired look and feel. 



First, you need to decide on the type of setting you want. Whether you’re going for a formal, rustic, or casual look, this decision will guide your choice of tableware, linen, and centerpiece. If you’re having a picnic-style wedding, you may want a more laid-back set up, while a formal setting may require fine China and glassware. 


Table Setting

Once you have determined the setting, you can start creating the table plan. Consult with your venue to see if they have any sample options available. You can also browse Pinterest and other wedding websites for inspiration. Discuss with your caterer what kind of plates, silverware, and flatware they provide. Caterers often offer paper or plastic plates, which may be suitable if they fit your style and budget. When deciding on plates, you need to consider whether they will be on the table or at the buffet line, and if it’s a served meal. Depending on your budget and style, plates can be China, plastic, or paper. For a formal setting, you may want glassware, such as a water goblet, wine glass, and champagne flute. You also need to decide whether you want chargers on the table or not. 



Choosing the color of the table linen is another important decision. This will serve as a base for your table setting, and you can accent it with a runner, overlay, or napkins. Some venues and linen providers may offer options for folding napkins, such as tent, rose, tree, or creating a pocket for flatware. This is an opportunity to showcase your style and creativity. 



When it comes to the centerpiece, you can consult with your florist or venue to see if they have any table arrangement options. Browse wedding decor outlets and Pinterest for ideas, and consider mimicking your bouquet’s flowers to tie everything together. You can use anything from flowers to books and glassware to showcase your style and bring your table design together. 


Other Design Ideas

Other things to consider include whether you want to provide printed menus for your guests, wedding favors, or pitchers of water or wine on the table. It’s also important to think about who will be setting up the tables. If it’s you and the bridal party, consider how much time you have. If it’s the caterer, see if they charge extra. Some venues may offer setup services, but it’s essential to clarify this beforehand. 


Planning your wedding table setting requires attention to detail, creativity, and informed decisions. Consult with your vendors, take inspiration from various sources, and ensure that your table design reflects your style and personality.