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Agriculture at Nickajack

Nickajack Farms is a working agriculture operation. Proudly serving the agriculture community in Northeast Ohio for nearly 20 years, and farming around 1,700 acres, our team specializes in corn, soybeans, timothy/grass hay, and pumpkins. Apart from this, our farmers plant a variety of flowers, including sunflowers and zinnias as well as small vegetable gardens. If you are looking for someone to farm your property that will be a good steward of the land, call us and set up a meeting with our farm manager.

  • Timothy/Grass Hay

    Nickajack Farms makes high-quality Timothy/Orchard Grass Hay for horses. Our hay is made into small square bales and can be picked up during business hours or delivered and stacked in your barn. To qualify for delivery you must be located within 50 miles of our facility. We make nearly 35,000 bales of hay per year, and apply a granular fertilizer mixture between cuttings.

    Our farmers make at least three cuttings of hay per year and encourage any existing or new client to partner with us and allow us to become your hay supplier. Our farmers are just a phone call away to answer questions and teach you about our hay mixture. If you are looking for a new hay supplier for large and small quantities, contact us for pricing and availability.

  • Hay sales
  • Wheat that turns into straw
  • Straw

    We make between 7,000-10,000 small square bales of wheat straw each year. The straw we make is available for large wholesale orders, small local pickup orders, and at our seasonal fall festival. Contact us today for pricing and availability.


  • Pumpkins and Gourds

    Our farmers plant 50 acres and 40 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash each year for the seasonal fall festival hosted at Nickajack Farms. These range from Jack-o-lanterns and pie pumpkins to butternut squash and snake gourds. Apart from the Fall Festival, we also sell our pumpkins and gourds wholesale, contact the office for pricing, please contact the office. Nickajack enjoys contributing and helping our community. However, we have a limited number of pumpkins available for donation each year, please reach out if you are interested in a donation and we will let you know the availability based on the growing season.

    Each year we look for people to pick pumpkins throughout the week. If you are interested in a seasonal pumpkin picking position, reach out to us.

  • Corn and Soybeans

    Apart from specialty crops, Nickajack grows corn and soybeans. With education being a top priority to our farm, we utilize the growing and selling process of corn and soybeans to educate people of all ages about how these crops grow, the process of selling, and what the crops are used for after they leave our facility.

    Our farmers choose to keep up with new farming technology, enjoy taking care of the land, and encourage others to be good stewards of the land, call us today if you would like to learn more about how the Nickajack farmers can take care of your land.