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Friend or Professional? The Pros and Cons of Using a Friend as Your Wedding Vendor

January 12, 2024

There are many things to consider when deciding whether to use a friend as one of your wedding vendors.

Are they professional in their field? Using a friend who is good at makeup but not a professional makeup artist could be a great way to save money, but make sure that your expectations are in line with your friend’s abilities.

Your friends might have to work at your wedding instead of enjoying it like the rest of the guests. A friend with some DJ equipment will probably have to stay at the DJ booth all night keeping your guests dancing and your timeline running smoothly instead of being able to be out of the dance floor doing the Wobble with you.

There is the potential for tension if things don’t go as planned. Little bumps in the road here and there are expected on your wedding day. You need to decide if those bumps could become big rifts in your friendship once the wedding is over.

Whether you use a friend or an outside vendor, communication is key. Expressing your needs and wants to your vendors gives them the opportunity to either agree or counter with something more in line with their abilities or business plan.