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Christmas Stories

Read or Listen to the stories about the Magic of the Farm

Welcome to Christmas on the Farm

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Read or listen to these stories along your journey to learn more about Santa and understand the magical elements you will be seeing throughout the farm!

Welcome to Nickajack Farms, one of the many locations under Santa’s care for the Christmas season. Santa is busy and needs as much help as possible this time of year to create awesome toys for all the boys and girls. He has chosen Nickajack as one of his workshop locations. He chose Nickajack because of the large fields to land his sleigh, stalls for reindeer to stay overnight, and large barns he can use as workspaces. Santa is incredibly excited to share the Toy Barn with everyone this holiday season.

Santa has elves with him this year, these elves are in special uniforms. Some of these elves may look familiar if you were here during Pumpkin Days, this is because Santa conducted tests and chose temporary elves to help him at the farm! In the Toy barn you will see Santa’s special workspace, the elf headquarters, the safe for the naughty and nice list, and the hotline to the North Pole. As you walk to the Toy Barn, keep your eye in the sky because the Santa airport is close by!

Santa asked the Nickajack farmers to grow one of his favorites treats this winter… Candy Canes! When you pass the Candy Cane field be sure to stop and read the growing instructions and learn more about these sweet candy canes! Do not forget to pick up these tasty treats in Grandma’s Country Store before you leave (Santa loves to eat these with his hot cocoa).


Candy Cane Field:

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Welcome to one of Santa’s favorite places on the farm, the candy cane field! These beautiful candy canes are grown with perfect precision, a lot of sugar, and a little bit of magic. Grown here specifically for Santa, this sweet treat is perfect for stirring hot cocoa! Santa had his main candy cane farmer come down from the North Pole and teach our farmers how to grow them!

To start you must till up the soil before it snows, but after the first frost. The next step is to sprinkle the seeds across the field, but it must be done at night and must be under 45 degrees. The frost and cold helps the candy canes grow tall. The small candy canes that have pink swirls are still maturing before harvest. The candy canes that are tall and have red swirls, but no curved top is fully grown but not ready to be harvested. Lastly the candy canes the are tall, red swirled, and have the curved top are ready to be harvested! Like any crop, candy canes can grow and become mis shaped.

When we are ready to harvest the candy canes we will go out early in the morning before the rooster crows and cut them down. Once they are cut, they will slowly shrink into the sweet hot cocoa stir stick we eat today (we told you there was magic)!

Stop in at Grandma’s Country Store and purchase these sweet treats!



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Welcome to the Santa Claus airport at Nickajack Farms! Santa is incredibly busy, and air travel is the best way for him to get to all his destinations. His reindeer only fly on Christmas Eve, although some of them try to fly the rest of the year! Due to the lack of reindeer travel, an airplane is his next best option. Santa thought it was important to have one of his SantaAir traffic controllers here at the farm and build an airport that is only used by SantaAir planes, helicopters, and the occasional reindeer! The Nickajack team never knows when Santa will have to bolt off to the North Pole for a cookie/toy emergency so keep your heads low and wave to anyone passing overhead!


Farmer Joe’s Barnyard:

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Farmer Joe’s animals are glad to see everyone throughout the winter this year! Our animals are a little bit confused with all this commotion happening with Santa and his reindeer! When the reindeer come into town they stay here with our animals, and although it is not very often most of the reindeer have become pretty good friends with our animals! The sheep on the other hand do not like Santa’s special guests, make sure you stop and pet tony and tater tot and let them know they were only trying to play reindeer games!

Comet is all about hanging out with the Alpacas, with their loyalty and stubbornness they have created a pack (we think Comet was born to be a Llama). Dasher is always trying to trick the donkeys and teach them how to fly! Donder and the goats butt heads (literally, those silly reindeer games), while his wife Blitzen tries to keep the peace.

Cupid always escapes to the horse barn; we think he is flirting with Ruby. Right behind him is Vixen who is jealous the horses are taking away her attention. Dancer and Prancer are always together and hang out with the horses and show off their elegance. Let’s not forget the most famous reindeer of all, Rudolf the Red-Nosed reindeer! Like all celebrities, he is loved by every animal (minus the sheep)!


Story Telling:

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Welcome to the storytelling barn! This special place allows kids and adults to sneak away into a daydream! Hear one of our special elves, or Mrs. Claus herself read a Christmas classic. Allow yourself to become a part of the story and dream of Christmas morning!


Santa’s Toy Barn:

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You made it! Yes, Santa is inside and is very excited to hear from you! Please respect all the other boys and girls who came to the farm today and think of one important gift to tell Santa about! When you are done meeting with Santa Claus you will be able to write out your entire Christmas list and deliver it right to the Nickajack Elf Offices! Also, do not try and open the safe to the naughty and nice list (you will get put on the naughty list)! Please try not to wake the bunnies if they are sleeping, they have a long night of training! If you think you can train like the easter bunny, put your hops to the test and hop along the bunny trail to the next Christmas destination! Most importantly, have fun, and do not get hit with too many snowballs!


Reindeer Food:

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This special food is full of Santa’s Magic. With Oats to give the reindeer energy to stay up all night, corn to keep the reindeer bellies full, and Santa’s Magic to keep the reindeer flying! The elf in this position works with the reindeer on a regular basis and knows the perfect grain to sparkle ratio! Sprinkle this food on the lawn before you go to bed on Christmas eve and keep the reindeer energetic all night long!